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Scott Appel - Parhelion
"Scott Appel has established himself as the leading interpreter of Nick Drake's music. His unflagging enthusiasm for, and appreciation of, Nick's music has done much to keep that music alive in the years since Nick's untimely death in 1974."
Patrick Humphries, Author of Nick Drake: The Biography (Bloomsbury)

Recommended for fans of Nick Drake & John Martyn

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Chris Buhalis - Kenai Dreams
"Chris Buhalis' Kenai Dreams is a wonder of blood and bone, spirit and earth...Buhalis makes music simply and directly. His country folk leanings have been tempered by and cut from the land itself; his is above all American music in all its contradiction and rough-hewn grace..."
Thom Jurek, Music Journalist

Recommended for fans of Townes Van Zandt

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Peter Clemens - Comfort & Passion
"Peter Clemens' style is at once lyrical and dense, building layers of sound upon melodies that sound old and familiar... His percussive attacks on the steel strings can sound like hammer blows, while some of his subtle strokes sound harp-like in shimmering, glittering notes that ring out in a sweet tone that is magical."
John Clayton,
KFUO-FM, CLASSIC99, Saint Louis Classical Guitar Society Newsletter

Recommended for fans of John Renbourn

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Gary Cornelius - Feather
"Great songwriting. Soulful vocals."
Jack Dumery, TSF Radio, France

"Gary's debut album, Mending Fences, really impressed me. Feather, his follow-up, knocked me out. Listening to Cornelius is rather like listening to Neil Young in his prime backed by the Desert Rose Band...I could go on, but hear for yourself a real country talent."
**** Pete Smith, Country Music Round-Up, The Advertiser, 23 January 1998, London, England

Recommended for fans of of Jerry Jeff Walker, Jimmy Lafave, Townes Van Zandt, & Guy Clark

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Gary Cornelius - Mending Fences
"Great lyrics and melodies...When you pursue a songwriting career, there are always different tracks to follow. Up till now my preferences are those laid by Tom Russell, Jimmy LaFave and Townes Van Zandt, to name a few. I'll have to add Gary Cornelius to the list."
Bernard Boyat, Le Cri du Coyote, Lyon, France

Recommended for Gene Clark & Townes Van Zandt fans

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Bruce Greene - Five Miles of Ellum Wood: Old Time Fiddle Solos
"This is the kind of music that conservatory-trained composers should use a folk-tune source for flights of classical fancy. This album may change your idea of fiddling."
Stacy Phillips, Strings Magazine (July/August 1997)

Recommended for Old Time Music fans

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Doug Hoekstra - Make Me Believe
"Hoekstra is...'breathy folk flaneur' who 'writes dirty-realist story songs that usually begin and end in quiet acceptance. Although he's been compared to everyone from Ray Davies and Lou Reed to Leonard Cohen and Robert Earl Keene, he's mostly just a well-spoken backporch strummer with tunefully bittersweet observations.' "
Village Voice, Voice Choices

Recommended for Lou Reed & Leonard Cohen fans

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Lisa Hunter - Flying
"Lisa Hunter paints her folk with splotches of second disc bristles with staccato guitar work and engaging hooks, making for an infectious groove that doesn't quit. You may find yourself compelled to name check Ani DiFranco and Shawn Colvin, an odd matchup to be sure, but a telling indicator of Hunter's own quirky artistry."
Detroit Free Press

Recommended for Shawn Colvin & Lucy Kaplansky fans

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Brian Lillie - Rowboats
"...this 1998 release should have been reviewed sooner but it got stuck in my car's CD player. Stuck, metaphorically speaking, because I kept taking it with me on trips to the store, to work, and on vacation...this is an immensely fun disc from a singer-songwriter with a great voice and a huge sense of humor...straddling country, folk, and roots rock."
Acoustic Guitar Magazine, April 1999

Recommended for fans of Loudon Wainwright & Steve Goodman

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Kevin Meisel - Coal and Diamonds
"This is an astonishing debut...stand-out tracks include the literary influenced Rock Springs and Fourth of July with its wonderful imagery...the gritty voice and wonderful lyrics carry the listener along. This is the old Voice of America that could be heard on tracks like Paradise, Ballad of Hollis Brown, Atlantic City-gritty, dirty-realism combine with folk melody. File next to Tom Joad-it really is that good! The title track says it all..."coal and diamonds are treasures well worth the find."
Shaun Belcher, All Music Guide

Recommended for fans of Bruce Springsteen, Gene Clark, & John Mellencamp

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Jim Roll - Ready to Hang
"From moment to moment, Jim roll sings like the high-strung, smart mouthed bastard son of Neil Young, Captain Beefheart, Beck, Bob Dylan, Elvis P. and/or C., Lou Reed and a few other immensely talented musical lunatics..."
Dave Marsh, Music Critic

" 'Ready to Hang' has moved to the top of my listening pile mighty fast."
Rick Cornell, No Depression

Recommended for fans of Wilco & Son Volt

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Jo Serrapere - My Blue Heaven
"(My Blue Heaven) recalls the way Jimmie Rodgers used to sing the blues...her vocals remind me of early Emmylou."
Bernard Canut, France

"The lyrics and content are strong with songs that deal with human issues of life and love...It's a pleasure to hear a woman who can sing the "Blues" and sing them well."
Bonnie Austring-Winter, CBC Radio

Recommended for fans of Toni Price, Ani DiFranco, & Mississippi John Hurt

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